What our customers had to say....
Clay Lacy Aviation – David R. Anderson, Director of Maintenance - Continued Support

"With over 50 engines serviced by BizJet, in addition to all of the times I have contacted them for troubleshooting without an engine at their facility, I know I will always receive unparalleled support. BizJet truly raises the bar for precision engine service and support. They keep our fleet running strong throughout the year – no exceptions." 

Canadian Pacific Railway Company - Dirk MigChels, Chief Pilot, Dual Tay 611-8C Midlifes

"I enjoyed working with Jennifer and Joe. They kept us informed every step of the way. Minor issues were resolved very quickly and I would recommend BizJet to anyone looking to have similar work done on their engines! Again, a pleasure to work with Jennifer and Joe." 

Gibbs International, Inc. - Mr. Casey Childers, Dual Tay Engine Midlifes

"This was an overall very pleasurable experience.  BizJet does what they say they will, and they go the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction.  I love the simple, no hassle approach.  The contract, terms, paperwork, and process just seemed simple and easy. Thank you all very much for making this a successful mid-life event.  I highly recommend BizJet." 

Colleen Corporation - Brett Michaels, Maintenance Manager - Dual Tay Engine Overhauls

"We had two overhauls and three engine removal and reinstallations at the Tulsa facility. I was very impressed and extremely satisfied with the entire project. The quotes were accurate and there were no above and beyond charges. The overhauls were ahead of schedule, the engine R & R's had very minimal downtime and all paperwork was complete and accurate. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved with our project. Excellent job and I look forward to doing business in the future!" 

Broad Green Pictures - Mr. Pablo Castro, Dual Tay Mk 611-8C Engine Midlifes

"Joe Sabatini, Dale Morrow, & Dana Wood did an excellent job with my engines. We never had a problem with communication or trust.  My experience with the whole job was very satisfied from start to finish.  I went to Tulsa to do an overview of the engine. I was very impressed with the engine shop.  Joe and Dale gave me a tour of the facility and explained to me all the steps the engine parts go through.  That was very educational. We did our test flight over the weekend with no engine squawks or discrepancies.  We got the plane back into service to make the owner's trip. Thank you for all the hard work."