BizJet International seizes new business at NBAA

Amidst a noticeably smaller turnout at this year's NBAA Convention in Orlando, BizJet signed approximately $10M in new business for 2013. Under the Lufthansa-Technik marquee, in a European inspired airport lounge (complete with bratwurst and German beer), BizJet's sales team successfully brought their customers to the table.

"This year we saw a huge increase in Gulfstream operators who were ready to do business," said Brian Barber, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing. "In order to lock in lower costs, operators were willing to secure shop space for their Spey/Tay engine events further into the future. We are anticipating 2013 to be an exceptionalyear and confident this trend will continue as the climate within the aviation community becomes progressively more positive. "

BizJet is passionate about providing a complete customer experience. Besides offering unrestricted access into every area of the facility and encouraging customers to interact with the team, they also offer a Firm-Fixed Price option tailor made for those customers who want complete peace of mind with absolutely no unexpected charges or unwanted surprises. What you're quoted is what you'll pay, an industry first!