BizJet opens new facility, launches expansion

Tulsa-based BizJet International unveiled a facility April 10 that will house a new product line the company is introducing as part of its long-term growth strategy. At least 60 jobs are being added as part of the newly-announced expansion.

BizJet International Sales & Support announced earlier this year that up to 250 jobs are being added companywide. BizJet currently employs around 300 at its Tulsa International Airport headquarters.

The 40,423-square-foot facility unveiled April 10 is located in Tulsa's Green Valley Center near Pine Street and Garnett Road. The remodeled facility is home to BizJet's new engine teardown product line. BizJet, Lufthansa Technik's 100 percent U.S. subsidiary, has been awarded the new product line as part of a continued plan for growth.

"The United States is the biggest market for serviceable aircraft parts, therefore having this business in Tulsa is a huge opportunity for BizJet to continue it's positive growth momentum," said Manfred Gaertner, President and CEO of BizJet International Sales and Support.

The new product line will draw upon BizJet's extensive engine maintenance experience and operational performance with Rolls-Royce and General Electric family of engines. BizJet will dismantle commercial jet engines such as General Electric CF6-80C2, CFM-56, V2500, and Pratt & Whitney 4000. Once disassembled, these parts will be shipped for inspection, repair, overhaul and eventual sale to other airlines.

"It is simply outstanding that our dedicated teams took a concept three months ago, planned then executed it, opening on time and within budget a program of this size," BizJet Vice President of Engine Services Criss Berry said of the newly-opened facility. "This is just one piece to the overall success of BizJet."

Tulsa Regional Chamber President and CEO Mike Neal congratulated BizJet on its continued success and commitment to the Tulsa area.

"Northeast Oklahoma has established itself as a leader in aerospace, and catalyzing growth among our leading aerospace firms is of great importance to our regional economic development efforts," Neal said. "The fact that leading companies such as BizJet continue to choose the Tulsa region as a base for continued expansion and growth is a testament to the Tulsa area's willingness to help businesses achieve their greatest potential."

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett agreed.

"The Tulsa-region's thriving aerospace sector is vital to our efforts at creating jobs and building a stronger economy," Bartlett said. "We congratulate BizJet on its continued growth, and we thank this outstanding company for its ongoing commitment to Tulsa."