BizJet Policies

Quality Policy

BIZJET is committed to "Total Quality Management". Total Quality Management is meeting customer requirements, both internal and external, for all products and services, while complying with regulatory requirements. This is accomplished by providing a continuous improvement environment committed to "Doing It Right the First Time." Total Quality Management is realized through the following values:

  • Treating customers, suppliers, and employees with trust and respect
  • Working as a Team to achieve desired results
  • Using the right equipment and data to ensure product safety and provide quality products for our customers.
  • Participating in and supporting process & quality improvement activities
  • Remaining flexible in our daily efforts
  • Report Quality Concerns without fear of reprisal

Safety Policy

BizJet is committed to continual improvement in environmental, health, safety, and wellbeing of all its employees and is mindful of the business' influence in the neighborhood and community at large. To achieve this goal, we shall:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and upkeep our installation, equipment, and operations.
  • Awareness, skill, and competence of our employees and contractors to effectively involve them in ensuring safety for everyone here at BizJet or away on business travel.
  • Comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to employee and product safety. 


As individuals, safety begins with me the employee:

  • Practice safe work methods, instructions, and follow rules
  • Be active in promoting a safe work place. 
  • Be aware of work limits and duty time as it relates to well-being
  • Report any unsafe acts; all personnel have access via the Intranet under "Safety". Use the Open Eye philosophy. If you see something unsafe or potentially unsafe, notify your leadership or safety representative. 
  • All Employees are empowered to stop and or report any unsafe activity without fear of reprisal. 
  • Report all accidents and near misses; all accessible via the Intranet under "Safety"
  • Wear PPE relevant to the work area


"We are a learning organization"